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Our grading system is similar to professional camera dealers in the industry and offers an option for every taste and budget. We strive to provide clear, accurate descriptions of each grade so you will know what to expect when you buy from us. All used equipment is guaranteed to work, regardless of its cosmetic condition and is covered by Minolta Flash Back's limited 60 day warranty.

NEW* As packaged by manufacturer complete with manufacturer’s USA warranty. Not previously owned or used.
NEW DEMO* As packaged by manufacturer complete with manufacturer’s USA warranty. Never owned but used as demonstration equipment and may show various stages of wear.
LN* "Like New" 99% -100% of NEW. Includes original box and instructions.
LN-* "Like New Minus" Extremely slight wear only seen upon very close inspection. Box and accessories usually not included. Glass perfect*.
EX+* "Excellent Plus" Exceptionally nice. May have slight wear on finish but visible only under close inspection. Glass very clean*.
EX* "Excellent" Shows moderate wear. May have small dents and/or dings and slight finish wear. Glass may have slight marks and/or blemishes that will not affect picture quality*.
BGN* "Bargain" Shows more than average wear. May have dents, dings and/or brassing and finish loss. Glass may have marks and/or blemishes that should not affect picture quality*.
UG "Ugly" Very rough looking. Multiple impressions in metal, excessive finish loss and brassing. Glass will have marks, fungus and/or haze which will affect picture quality.


* Glass Disclaimer
Occasionally, lenses, even when brand new, will have a slight amount of dust visible within the lens elements. This is a result of the manufacturing process and will not affect image quality or resolution. As a result, some used lenses may exhibit the same consistencies.

  • NEW and LN as packaged by manufacturer. Manufacturer or distributor does not always provide straps, batteries, caps, shades, etc.
  • Instruction books, caps, batteries, cases and straps sold separately for all other grades.

  • All equipment and accessories come with a Minolta Flash Back limited 60 day warranty.  Should the equipment malfunction it will be repaired or replaced
    at no cost.  Buyer pays for back shipping and seller pays for return shipping.  This warranty is void on any equipment, parts or accessories, which have been misused, neglected, damaged or tampered with by unauthorized individuals. We are not responsible for any expense, loss or inconvenience within the 60 days of this warranty period. Buyer must obtain an RMA before returning any merchandise.
  • Batteries are not included unless specified.




Contact us at: sales@minoltaflashback.com

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